1.   Entry form and entry fee including date of birth, together with entry fees are to be mailed to the appropriate music convenor.  No date of birth – NO entry.

2.   Competitor’s age is the age the competitor becomes during the 2017 calendar year..

3.   Names of competitors in Duets must be given at the time of entry in order for the entry to be accepted and processed correctly.

4.   All Eisteddfod participants do so at their own risk.

5.   The Adjudicator must not be addressed during the eisteddfod except via an eisteddfod official. All inquiries or requests are to be made to the convenor

6.  Payment may be made by:

      Cheque  - payable to:- Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod Inc.

      Cash – hand delivered to appropriate convenor.

      Direct Deposit – completing every step of the instruction sheet supplied to you in this Schedule.

7.   For confirmation of receiving your entry, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

8.   Own Choice Copy for the Adjudicator must be clearly marked with the required identification form which is to be attached to the top left hand corner of             your copy. You will find these forms in this schedule. No responsibility is accepted by the Committee for music incorrectly labelled. Own Choice copy for            the Adjudicator must  reach the appropriate convenor by Thursday 14th June 2018.

9.   Copyright Declaration Form must be completed for each entry.  PDF file on website. One form per competitor to be completed and sent to convenor by               Thursday 14th June 2018.  If you are entering different sections e.g. Piano and Strings you must complete a form for each section and send to the                       appropriate convenor

10. Time limits must be observed.  An item may be shorter than the limit but NOT exceed it. A penalty will be incurred.

11.  Withdrawals – Competitors who do not intend to compete in an item for which they have entered, must notify the appropriate convenor before the time          appointed  for that  particular item. Notification of withdrawal is regarded as courtesy to the Committee, fellow competitors, Adjudicators and patrons. 

12.  Programs will be on sale from our local Music Stores.  The date the program is available will be announced on our web site.

·         Kerry’s Keyboards, Cnr. Nicklin Way & Main Drive, WaranaPh: 5493 4888

·         Mooloolaba Music Centre, Shop 2,Minyama Place,Nicklin Way Minyama.  Ph: 54448889

·         Shake It Up Music, Shop 4, 186 Currie St., NambourPh: 5441 5454

·         Music @ Noosa, Shop 2/1 Gibson Rd, NoosavillePh: 5474 3033

       Programs cost $6.00. If posted an additional fee of $3.00 each will be required.


1.    The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry and refund fees, and to ask for proof of age.                     

2.    COMPETITORS MUST PERFORM FROM ORIGINAL MUSIC.  (If music is unavailable competitors MUST check with the appropriate convenor for any                      alteration to this rule).

3.    COMPETITORS MUST BE AMATEURS (ones whose main source of income is not derived from the exercise of his/her talent), and must compete in their                  correct age sections.  (not applicable to accompanists / conductors).

4.    No competitor may enter or compete under any name other than his/her own name.                                                

5.    All competitors will be numbered and their order of appearance will be in the official program. Competitors must be ready to appear as soon as their number          is called.

6.    No teacher will be allowed on stage with a competitor for any item except as an accompanist or conductor.

7.    COMPETITORS MUST ARRANGE THEIR OWN ACCOMPANISTS. (If unable to do so, contact the appropriate convenor for an accompanist – a fee will                     apply).

8.    No prize will be awarded without sufficient merit. Adjudicators have the right to withhold or divide prizes according to merit.

9.    The Committee reserves the right to cancel any section should there be insufficient entries.  All entrants affected will be notified after the closing date. The                Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the program in any way and at any time. e.g. Items may be split or combined if warranted.

10.   An adjudication sheet of each performance will be available for collection following the adjudication of each item at the appropriate venue door.

11.  No protest against an awarded adjudication will be permitted unless it is proved that some error in identity has happened.

12.  Protests must be made in writing and lodged with the appropriate convenor immediately after occurring and before adjudication, and accompanied by a fee           of $20.00 to be forfeited if the protest is deemed frivolous. The Committee’s decision will be considered final.

13.  Written complaints other than adjudication are to be lodged with the Committee within 30 days of the completion of the Eisteddfod.

14.  If a competitor in a duet, trio, etc. is unable to perform due to unforeseen circumstances he/she may be replaced provided the appropriate convenor has been        notified prior to the item.

15.  Competitors may perform ONCE only in a duet, trio, quartet or choir item. Please refer to relevant sections for further details.

16.  In small and large instrumental and vocal ensembles, competitors may perform ONCE only.  When representing their school and a community ensemble, the        competitor may perform in both.

17.   No competitor may perform the same material more than once during the Eisteddfod.

18.   One piece only to be performed per item unless confirmed in schedule. e.g. Championships, Large Ensembles.

19.  Lost property will be kept for 2 weeks after Eisteddfod. If unclaimed it will be given to charity. Unclaimed Adjudicator’s reports will be kept until the completion         of the Eisteddfod.